About Us

Our Vision

At Sontefa Energy, our aim is to change the lives of over 600 millions people in Sub-Saharan Africa who currently live without electricity through renewable energy.


Our Mission

Sontefa Energy mission is to shape a cost-effective alternative to power residences by using Africa’s most natural assets. With the implementation and utilization of our renewable energy model, Africa will experience greater self-sufficiency in electricity. The economy will benefit from new jobs creation and the environment from reduced carbon emissions. The education will improve by allowing students to study extra hours at night. Lives will be saved  by eliminating the candles light and kerosene lamps smoke.

Meet the Team

We will change the lives of millions people for the best in Subsaharan Africa.


Thierno O Diallo

Founder & CEO

Thierno Diallo Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. He graduated from Temple University’s Fox School of Business majoring in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.  He leaded Sontefa Energy among the finalists of the "Top 30 Most Significant and Sustainable Business" at the 2018 African Entrepreneurship Award. He is one of the winner of three business plan and pitch competitions (2nd place at the 2017 BYOBB, First place at the 2017 Social Entrepreneurs Summit, and 3rd place at the 2017 New York City Global Student Entrepreneurs Awards). Born and raised in Guinea, he has seen firsthand the harships of the Guinean population when it comes to inconsistent power supply. His ambition and determination are the driving forces of SONTEFA ENERGY and as an Entrepreneurship major, he has the skillset to deliver a polished business to his homeland. As CEO, Mr. Diallo is responsible for overall guidance of what direction SONTEFA ENERGY should head in and that the company is ultimately a success.


Melisa Goppert

Partnership Coordinator

Melissa Goppert is SONTEFA ENERGY’s Partnership Coordinator. She works closely with our partners. Melissa is a Legal Studies, International Business and Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management major at the Fox School of Business, Temple University. Ms. Goppert is well-versed and best understands the corporate culture. Sontefa depends on her professional insights and guidance to mitigate potential risks we will face entering a foreign market.


Amadou T Diallo

Chief Technology Officer

Amadou Tidiane Diallo, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. He graduated from the Institute of Technique and Technology (ITT) in Conakry, Guinea and specialized in solar energy and electricity. He has many years of experience working as technical consultant for local energy companies. Amadou has the experience and the knowledge to design and assemble good quality solar panels systems. Mr Diallo is the trainer of SONETEFA’s engineers and proceed to the quality control of the systems.

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